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Important dates:

  • February 15th:  Call for abstracts
  • April 30th: Closing of Abstract Submission
  • June 20th:  Notification to authors

General guidelines:

  • Abstract submission implies that the primary author has the consent of all authors and has obtained necessary institutional clearances.
  • Important that one participant (paid participation fee) as a primary/presenting author can submit only one abstract for poster and/or only one abstract for oral presentation in two different topics.
  • Research results and/or conclusions must be completed at the time of submission.
  • The presenting author must be the contact author. The presenting author must register for the conference before July 15th to ensure the abstract is included in the programme and scheduled for presentation.
  • All submissions must be completed electronically. 
  • The abstract must be submitted during the call for papers period, additional abstract will not be accepted after.
  • Be sure that your abstract have been submitted before the closing of the call for papers. A draft mode allows you to record your abstract before submitting it. Once your abstract have been submitted, it will not be editable.
  • Please limit abstracts to 3000 characters.
  • Include maximum 2 images with your abstract. One image will be equivalent to 300 characters. They will be placed at the end of the abstract.
  • Create tables with your submission directly in the online form. A table, figure or image can also be attached as JPG file (maximum 2 MB)
  • Printed poster dimensions: landscape A0 (841×1189 mm)