Plenary Lectures

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Prof. Rolf Jürgen Behm
Ulm University, GERMANY
Title: “Nanostructured metal surfaces – from surface science to electrochemistry / electrocatalysis”

Prof. Charles T. Campbell
University of Washington, USA
Title: “Adsorption calorimetry techniques on well-defined surfaces and their application in understanding catalysis, photovoltaics and atomic-layer deposition”
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Prof. Young Kuk
Seoul National University, KOREA
Title: “Electronic and Phononic Structure Measurements on Superconducting Surfaces using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy”
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Prof. Elisa Molinari
CNR Institute of Nanoscience S3 Modena, ITALY
Title: "Illuminating nanosystems at surfaces"

Prof. Rasmita Raval
University of Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
Title: “Supramolecular and covalent assembly of molecules at surfaces: chirality, complexity and diversity”
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Prof. Gabor A. Somorjai 
University of California at Berkeley, USA
Title: “Surface science approach to the molecular level integration of the principles in heterogeneous, homogeneous, and enzyme catalysis”

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Prof. Martin Wolf 
Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, GERMANY
Title: “Ultrafast dynamics of excited states and light induced processes at surfaces”
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